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The interesting aspect of our work is that we try to give a practical look to the business ideas of customers with creative techniques and sophisticated approaches
that help our clients grow their business and our success rate is about 99%. Take a look at some of our best development practices below:
Create great experience for users.

Before developing a web or mobile application, we firstly analyze how users can use this application. It is a real challenge to engage the user directly or indirectly and we do it effectively.

Bring your web and mobile app to life

We are easily attracted to good things and forget it easily. We make your valuable application as an exciting application that will ensure user participation and retention in addition to instant attraction.

Follow the principles of design

Make sure designer is considering things such as color, surface, shadow, imagery, readability and visual continuity, meaningful motion, responsive interactivity, navigation, status bar, toolbar, tab, scrolling, bottom navigation, buttons, tiles, lists, cards, search, dividers, text fields etc.

Build for the current and also for next generation users

In the current market, consumers are having problems with low quality portable devices, poor data connections, good net connections at a very high price etc. Except for developed market, most of the world's online consumers do not get these basic requirements. Therefore, we develop appropriate applications considering local language, culture and business ethics.

Fulfil user's expectations by checking against the best guidelines

We strictly follow design policies, restrict unauthorised access, provide progress indicators for slow processes, ensure your app doesn’t freeze, crash, or otherwise behave unexpectedly, use high-quality images within your UI and make sure they don’t pixelate, make sure text is always readable, create a user interface that works on both square and round displays etc.

Scale your website and mobile applications with the power of Cloud

Get the benefits of cloud hosting to reduce ongoing cost, to allow your registered customers to access their files anytime, anywhere using your website or mobile apps, reduce risk and increase the security of your databases, improve the efficiency of your web and mobile platform. The cloud ensures the growth of your business by developing your business IT infrastructure.

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Dedicated Project Managers are the pillars of your project.

While creating a business concept for a website or mobile application, if you see, your needs are not clear and the job limits often change, in that case, you need the advice of an experienced dedicated project manager without any concerns.

How do they help you?

1. By understanding the needs of the entire project from you, these managers choose the appropriate technology for your project and make a process flow and explain it to you and to the designers and developers.

Focusing only on your project.

2. A manager regularly updates you about the progress of design and development milestones. Beside this they help building a strong understanding between the designer, the developer and you.

Client gets the full control.

3. Using a dedicated manager you get full control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members. You can manage high qualified and capable specialists, tools, resources and infrastructure based on project requirements.

Flexibility and scalability

4. When the job opportunities are not strictly defined, requests can be made to change features and functionalities at any time. Team can be expanded based on the added type of work.

Efficiency and speed

5. Dedicated project managers have a deep understanding of your projects and business goals. It helps the team achieve maximum productivity and provides effective process at good speed.

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The exciting part of what we do is delivering creative strategies, tactics and approaches
that help our clients grow their business. Take a look at some examples below:
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What did our customers say about their project experience with us?

Quick and Smart development of Newstrolley web application

“EPN Web Consultants has built such a strong relationship with us that we consider them as an effective technical growth partner. We always expect similar passion towards work and dedication towards meeting our deadlines. We wish them speedy growth for their unique business solution.


Excellent website development work was done by EPN Web Consultants

The major characteristic of EPN developers which made me happy is their transparency and honesty. I am happy to see their timely updates to work and for constantly following with me to get my feedback. They have done the excellent and timely job for us. We wish them the greatest success.


Good quality website at limited budget

Our budget was very limited as a non-profit trust and according to that EPN Web Consultants has built a nice and beautiful website. Let God help them progress in the right way. Hare Krishna.



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